Userlite branding // Logo, website, and assorted branding materials

Some of my work for Userlite, where I was Creative Director & Front-End Developer. I designed the logo and the overall branding guidelines for the company, designed and developed the website, and all other branded materials (pictured: website, business cards, sales presentation cover).

Userlite posters // Promotional posters

A trio of posters designed and illustrated for Userlite's offices and to hand out as promotional items at conferences. Designed entirely in Illustrator.

Criminal Minds Prop // Book cover illustration

Illustration commissioned by ABC Studios to be used as the cover of a prop book seen in Season 10, Episode 6 of the CBS crime drama Criminal Minds, titled "If The Shoe Fits". Illustrated entirely in Photoshop.

Adult Swim's We're Newbridge: We're Comin' To Get Ya! // Illustrations for Adult Swim special

Illustrations depicting the history of the fictional town of Newbridge for a documentary informercial created by the cast of the hit radio show/podcast The Best Show On WFMU. Watch it on Adult Swim »

Volition Animation Squadron shirt // A t-shirt designed for the animation staff at DS Volition

T-shirt design incorporating the DS Volition face logo into a fighter-pilot themed shirt worn by the company's animation team. DS Volition is famous for video game franchises such as Saints Row and Red Faction.

ABRAcaPOCUS // A mobile game concept

ABRAcaPOCUS is a mobile game idea I've had in the back of my head for years. I have dozens of monster designs and a complete game design document, but a total lack of free time.

NIGHTWALKERS // A Walking Dead design commissioned by

Parody mashup of the Edward Hopper painting Nighthawks and the AMC television show The Walking Dead, commissioned by for use on apparel. Digital illustration, created in Photoshop. Get it at »

House of Cracked // A t-shirt design commissioned by

Crest illustration representing some of the weird and funny stuff covered by posts on, "America's Only Humor Site". Highlights include a german shephard in a gas mask, Andrew Jackson, a dog-demon thing from Ghostbusters, and of course, Robocop. Digital illustration commissioned by Cracked specifically for use on apparel, created in Photoshop. Get it at »

Wade's Place // A Deadpool t-shirt licensed by Marvel Entertainment

T-shirt officially licensed by Marvel Entertainment featuring the character Deadpool. This design was selected by comedian and Deadpool writer Brian Posehn. Designed and illustrated in Photoshop. Get it at »

Model Specific Automotive Sales Emails // Triggered email marketing templates

HTML email marketing templates sent by automotive manufacturers intended to direct prospective customers who have shown interest in specific models to their local dealership.

Customer Preferred Email Campaigns // Triggered email campaigns advertising the Customer Preferred program

Customer Preferred is an automotive sales program at certain stores in the Nalley Automotive Group. Customer Preferred stores have set no-haggle pricing and a focus on quality customer care. These email campaigns are sent to prospective customers of those stores upon showing interest in specific BMW or MINI models.

Mercedes-Benz model-specific online marketing // Email marketing campaigns & landing pages

Email campaigns triggered when a prospective Mercedes-Benz customer shows interest in a specific automotive model. The email campaigns direct the customer to a highly informative landing page intended to make them feel sufficiently informed and empowered to make a purchasing decision.

3Birds Marketing T-Shirt // Luchador inspired promotional shirt

T-shirt designed for 3Birds Marketing, inspired by Mexican wrestling poster art.

3Birds Marketing T-Shirt // Sci-fi inspired promotional shirt

T-shirt designed for 3Birds Marketing, inspired by retro sci-fi and Russian space program propaganda posters.

3Birds Marketing T-Shirt // Vintage badge style promotional shirt

T-shirt designed for 3Birds Marketing, inspired by vintage badges and retro iconography.

Review Building Email & Landing Pages // Campaign to encourage positive online reviews

After visiting a business (in this case an automotive dealership) the customer receives an email (A) with a simple Yes or No survey asking if they had a pleasant experience. If they click "It was great!" they are directed to the positive landing (B) which in turn asks them to leave a review on a popular review site selected by a random number algorithm. If they selected "Could have been better" they are instead directed to a form that allows them to send private comments directly to the store.

Vintage Pepsi Murals // Murals decorating the lounge at the USS North Carolina Battleship Museum

These murals were created with a combination of vintage photography provided by the USS North Carolina Battleship Museum, era-appropriate branding elements provided by Pepsi, and original illustrated elements I created in Photoshop. I digitally composited all of the elements and had them printed on adhesive vinyl, which was then installed at the Museum. I also designed matching graphics for the Pepsi vending machines using their 1940's era logo.

Hillflint Mark 1 // Marketing illustrations for the Hillflint Mark 1 sweater

Hillflint is an apparel company specializing in Ivy League fashions. I was approached by them to create illustrations that convey the features that make their Mark 1 sweater superior to other sweaters. All illustrations were created in Photoshop CC using a Wacom Intuos tablet.

Chrysler Direct Mail Postcard // Print postcard advertising the Chrysler Town & Country

This was a particularly fun project for Chrysler automotive dealerships. I hand illustrated the drawings and writing on the white-board using a Wacom Intuos tablet and Adobe Illustrator, composited the illustrations and the photo of the boy together in Photoshop, then added text & finished it up for printing in InDesign.

Misc Email Marketing // Custom one-off email marketing campaigns

A selection of email marketing campaigns I've designed & created for Porsche, Jeep, and BMW. I also desigend the logo for the Reach New Heights Summer Savings Event pictured on the Jeep email.

Cobra (G.I. JOE) T-shirt // Officially licensed by Hasbro

T-shirt representing G.I. JOE's enemy organization Cobra, officially licensed by Hasbro. Designed and illustrated in Illustrator CC using a Wacom Intuos tablet.

Consumers Tell All // Whitepaper series for Bronto Software

Consumers Tell All is a series of whitepapers I designed for Bronto Software that examine the online shopping habits of modern Americans. The series' counter-intuitive findings were widely reported on by news outlets ranging from Forbes to MTV News. Download the series at

Consumers Tell All Infographics // One sheet infographics for Bronto Software

Infographics depicting findings from Bronto Software's Consumers Tell All whitepaper series. Learn more at

The Periodic Table of Commerce Marketing // An Infographic for Bronto Software

A marketing strategy cheatsheet/infographic designed for Bronto Software. Printed on heavy cardstock to be handed out at events.

Consumers Tell All

Consumers Tell All Infographics

Periodic Table of Commerce Marketing

Userlite branding

Userlite posters

Criminal Minds prop

Adult Swim illustrations


ABRAcaPOCUS mobile game design


House of Cracked

Wade's Place

Model Specific Automotive Sales Emails

Customer Preferred Email Campaigns

Mercedes-Benz model-specific online marketing

3Birds Marketing T-Shirt

3Birds Marketing T-Shirt

3Birds Marketing T-Shirt

Review Building Email & landing Pages

Vintage Pepsi Murals

Hillflint Mark 1

Chrysler Direct Mail Postcard

Misc Email Marketing

Cobra (G.I. JOE) t-shirt

A few brands I've worked with

  • Marvel Comics
  • Hasbro
  • Adult Swim
  • ABC Studios

Who is Andy Hunt?

I'm an art director, designer, and illustrator based out of beautiful Hillsborough, NC. I'm passionate about a lot of things. Design? Sure thing. Illustration? Yes please. Front end development? Hey, why the heck not? I'm a firm believer in being well-rounded and constantly seeking out knowledge. It keeps me excited to do what I do. Always stay hungry and never think you know everything. That's when you get left behind.

I'm also the proud papa of the cutest little girl in the world, an occasional homebrewer, and an all-around nerd.

I'm an obsessive problem solver, whether it's code that doesn't want to do what it's told or a client that wants something that no one's heard of. I love getting completely stumped and working my way out the other side.

There is a "me" in team. Need someone to take point? I've managed teams. Need someone to get their hands dirty? I'm happy to do that too. I'm a team player, a self starter, and all points in between.

I'm a natural at adapting to new things. New software, new environments, new teammates, new clients, new skills, new workflows. I pride myself in adjusting on the fly and still keeping a cool head.

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